dedicated to helping the hurting, impoverished and disenfranchised families of Duval and surrounding Counties in northeast florida

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Mandy Johns 
April 20, 2018· such wonderful folks helping, really helping the community with their food giveaway. Thank you so very much, you are truly helping our family.

Susie Watts Torres  
August 9, 2018 · very nice and compassionate people there to help

Tracy English

​June 7, 2019 - they are a great group of ppl. thank you for helping the community. God bless you all

Lina Harris-Blaque 
June 30, 2018 · A true testament to God’s work and word.

Michelle Everett Smith  
May 5, 2018 · Very caring & helpful volunteers...Thank you for your service to our God & community... It is very appreciated !!

Kim Campbell  
January 12, 2019· Beautiful people that are such a blessing!

Dot's Kitchen  
June 1, 2019 · This is an awesome organization, I thank you Abundant Life and God bless.

 Tracy Kelly  
September 4, 2018 · That they are giving and loving