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"The day I first heard about the after school program, I didn't think it was idea. Once I started going after Winter Break, I noticed large improvements in me and the younger students that I was helping. One of the main reasons this center is a great and safe place for kids to go after school is because of the natural feeling of care and respect you receive from the volunteers that work there. We are like a family; helping and caring for each other in times of need. Some students walked into the center not knowing how to read and write. Halfway through the school year, they can now write their name and read at or almost at their grade level. The after school program is also a great place for teens because it welcomes them in with a judgement-free space where they can free to be themselves. I, Hailey, a seventh grade student approve of this program as the best yet! It has brought me a long way. I would've never been this happy or full of life without the help of my peers and volunteers at the Abundant Life Community Center."

-Hailey (7th Grade)

dedicated to helping the hurting, impoverished and disenfranchised families of Duval and surrounding Counties in northeast florida